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title" The Recovery Books"

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by marko koludrovic

I avoid making statements because I read them later and wince in disbelief that I said something so pretentious and naive. But art is difficult so a short story helps simplify things. The main goal for me in any artistic process is to establish a context which gives it meaning.

This project is a new direction for me as it encompasses so many social interactions which I normally shy away from, preferring the relative safety and isolation of the studio. I have accepted that isolation is dangerous and the enemy of change, and because I have invested so much time and energy in therapy, I can longer afford to hide from myself and still believe change is a positive learning process. To invite renewal, continuity and growth, I need to shift my ideals and celebrate the challenges this site offers.

I see recovery as a spiral with no beginning or end and I want to share this journey with as many people as possible, not just because it’s good for me or I need a big audience, but to nurture seeds of change that can only prosper and grow in an environment of support and mutual acceptance. Thank you!
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