This website aims to broaden and support my studio and exhibition practices with a fresh dialogue that engages with a wider audience.

I welcome dialogue through email.

This new path leads to experimental, metaphoric and practical spaces.

These new directions include:
* A far-reaching promotion of my work to connect with national and international audiences in solo and collaborative projects.

* Offering my skills as a critical writer of essays that explore origin myths, truth in art and the role of the (post)- modern museum.

* Reviewing contemporary artists' work, survey shows and institutions that explore new media, heritage narratives, and the role of painting.
* Developing a rapport with students as a tutor in theoretical programs as well as workshop settings to explore the philosophy of drawing and traditional painting techniques such as encaustic (hot wax) and egg tempera.

* Designing new ways of disseminating my work, connecting with other artists, curators and writers.

* Offering my work for sale or lease to collectors and investors in private, gallery, business and corporate settings.
* Acting as a consultant in the Tertiary Education sector.